Fashion Problems

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In this modern era, almost everybody is running a race of looking good from others. There are

also some people who don’t worry about what suits on them or what they actually like, they

just blindly follow fashion and latest trends. This blindly following of trends has made people

incapable to think what is good or bad? What suits on them? They just want to adapt latest

trends whether they can afford it or not. That has developed inferior complexity in those group

of people who are financially unstable and also it has increased the wrong thought that one

cannot look good if he or she is not wearing something that is in trend.

In this era, designers who are the fashion setters have made their choice, people’s choice

instead of people’s choice, their choice. People are unable to see whether the fashion they are

adapting is ethical or not? The clothes they are wearing are according to their culture or not?

What their fashion is depicting? Everybody knows what is going wrong but everybody wants to

win the race.


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