Face Beauty Tips and Types of Masks

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Beauty maintenance is in your own hands just pays full attention on your skin and cares it on regular basis. The most important beauty tips advice is simple and easy just remove your face and body skin which has been dead. The outer most skin layer, which is known as epidermis become dead after few months and replace with new one cell constantly automatically. The artificial skin removing, which is necessary because the dead skin cells cover the new emerging cells and under these old skin cells many bacteria develops which causes many skin problems like acne, etc.
The second most important beauty tip and advice for women is to take necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain their skin condition and flexibility. The most necessary and vital vitamins for skin are vitamin A, C, D and E. Take the natural food that contains these basic vitamins.
Always use natural things for your skin especially for face. Cosmetics can damage your skin and even cause serious problems. Homemade masks are best treatment for skin naturally. These masks do not have any side effects over skin. The things that are used for masks are cheaper and easily found in home. Here are some homemade masks that are very useful for make your face beautiful.

Face Beauty Tips
Cucumber Mask:
Cucumber is great for skin lighting effects. Use cucumber with lime juice, will bless u with bright skin. For this mask, you need one table spoon of cucumber, I table spoon of lime juice, I table spoon of turmeric and I teaspoon of glycerin. Mix them and apply over skin for 15 minutes will give you good results.

Banana Mask:
It is very simple mask that will give u glowing skin. For this mask you need half banana mashed, one egg white and one table spoon curd. Mashed the banana well and mixture all ingredients in it. This mask is also very good facial.
Milk Mask:
This mask is very effective for fair and glowing skin.  For this mask you will need 3 tablespoon of milk, I of lemon and pinch of turmeric. Mix them all and apply until it’s dry. Then wash your face with cold water.
Honey mask:
Honey mask is very good for skin. It will make skin shiny and smooth. For this mask you need walnut powder, honey milk cream and lime juice. Mix them all and made a paste. It is very best scrub. This skin mask will remove dead cell and all dirt from the skin and give you glowing skin at home.

Rice Mask:
Rice mask
will give u soft, glowing and fair skin. Soak rice in milk and then grind it. Add some more milk in it. It will form of paste. For good results you can also add some lemon.
Bread Crams mask:
For this mask you required two things one is bread crams and other is milk cream. Mix crams with milk and leave for two minutes. Then apply on skin and wash after 20 minutes. This will give u fair and glowing skin.


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